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7 Struggles of Looking Younger Than Your Age


The fountain of youth. While many strive for it, there are those of us that run from it. Yes, youth is a blessing, but you have to admit that there are a few moments and situations that can make looking younger than your age a little awkward.

Just a bit, like…

  • Every time you walk into a bar or restaurant, you are constantly getting carded multiple times in the same establishment and then, every once in awhile the bartender assumes that you're I.D. is fake when in actuality it's real…Yes, this has happened to me.

  • Once you put on a hoodie you are instantly mistaken for either a high school or a college student.

  • When someone knocks on the door and you answer it, the first words out of his or her mouth are, "Hi, is your mom home?"…Um..this is my house so…

  • People automatically assume that you're naive.

  • But then, when you do tell them your age, they don't believe you.

  • The clothes targeted at your age demographic don't fit and look like you may or may not be playing dress up.

  • And finally, because you do look so young it's hard for you to decipher the age of others around you, especially if you're being hit on…I think he's my…Oh crap, he's in college…Yep, gotta go! *awkwardly, runs away*

However, even with all of the little annoyances and comments of others, you are comforted with the fact that when you're in your 30s, you will look like you are still in your 20s.

Now, I would call that a win. Ah Boo – Ya!

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