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A Review of My Happy Marriage (Episodes 1)

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Cinderella meets Beauty and the Beast, but with demons, ghosts, and supernatural powers. (WHAT!?)

Okay. So, I grew up watching the anime classics like, "Dragonball Z" and "Sailor Moon." Recently, I just finished watching “Spy x Family” and happened to stumble upon a little gem by the name of “My Happy Marriage” on Netflix. And, what a gem indeed.

Quick Synopsis:

Miyo Saimori is the black sheep of the Saimori family. After her mother dies, her father remarries and has a second daughter named, Kaya. Kaya is utterly adored for her beauty and for possessing the supernatural power called, Spirit-Sight. In typical Cinderella fashion, Miyo, who does NOT have any powers has become a "Servant" and is neglected and abused.

All is hopeless, until Miyo is sent away for an arranged marriage to live with the wealthy, Lord Kiyoka Kudo, the heir to the most powerful clan. Just one catch, word on the street is that Lord Kudo is cold, cruel, and has scared off all of his former fiancés.

Thus, the tension begins...

First Thoughts:

The animation is stunning! It is very beautifully animated. But, within the first few minutes I was like “What the Hell am I watching?”

My Happy Marriage takes you into the harsh reality of Miyo Saimori. We watch her step-mother (and later her half-sister) completely tear her down, berate her, and rip away nearly all that she has left of her deceased mother.

Yet, after years of abuse, Miyo manages to stay kind. She buries her emotions to hide her sadness. Which, only makes you want to route for her even more!

Miyo does not know it, but she is a strong soul! It takes strength to be so kind-hearted and compassionate in the face of constant mistreatment. I believe that she will get her happy ending. (I mean, its in the title, right?). Either way, I am definitely going to keep watching to find out!

Have you seen or started watching this anime? If so, let me know your thoughts about it in the comments section below! I am dying to hear what others think about it too!


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