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10 Awkward Moments You Have When You Realize You're an Adult

Updated: Feb 18, 2020


You are alone. You fearfully watch your bank account as it slowly dwindles as you pay for your cramped, yet over priced studio apartment. The piles and piles of student loan debt swarm around you and what’s worst, is that your customer service job that you got after college to feed yourself doesn’t even make a dent.

Welcome to the Horrors of Adulthood!

Okay. Rewind, maybe it’s not that bad (especially if you like your job). But seriously, when did this happen? When did we all suddenly become responsible for paying our internet and putting gas in our cars? And, when we don’t have any food in the fridge it’s clearly our fault.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you legitimately forget that you’re legal. Then, reality hits you in the face with a few awkward moments that make you realize, “Oh crap I’m actually an adult!”


  • Every time the bills are due. If the power suddenly cuts off in your apartment, it’s not Mom and Dad’s fault. It’s yours!

  • You’re innate ability to pull all-nighters or stay out all night have magically vanished.

  • And furthermore, you need twice the amount of recovery time for hang overs than you did in college.

  • When you talk about your favorite childhood movie, and someone brings up that it came out more than 20 years ago. “Yeah, you realize ‘The Lion King’ came out 26 years ago, right?”

  • Every time you hear teens speak, it sounds like a foreign language.

  • Or even worse, you accidentally bump into them and they call you Ma’am or Sir.

  • All of the weddings and baby showers are slowly, but surely creeping into your social calendar.

  • You start to forget your age because nothing that significant happens after your 21st birthday.

  • Ikea was once a chore; however, now it is your favorite playground!

  • And last, but not least. You are secretly grateful for all of the times that your parents put up with your crap and for all the sacrifices that they have done for you.

And maybe, just maybe they were right about a few things along the way, too!

Hey guys, thanks for reading! For more of Tiara’s blogs, check her out on Facebook!

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1 comentario

Matthew Bucklan
Matthew Bucklan
18 feb 2020

When I became an adult, I had an awkward party where everyone was awkward. Tiara stopped reading along on this one because she has to do more contracts. So, I could write all sorts of dastardly things, but, nah.

Me gusta
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